Who we are

We are: Melios Animal Protection Society in Gythio - Peloponessos - GREECE, an animal shelter with between 100 and 130 dogs and at this moment 30 cats.

Our animal shelter is started in 2010 by two Greek ladies, who couldn't look anymore at how (street ) dogs and cats ( often homeless ) here wounded, or dying from hunger, poisened, bad treated or even shot by people were living without any help.

Vasiliki offered a house for the animals and works there every day, Litsa  is also working there every day.

These two ladies get support by 3 volunteers : Dimitra and Stavroula from Greece and Els from Holland, all living nearby Gythio.



What we do

We take care of neglected, underfeeded, wounded and homeless animals.
These animals live together in the house, inside at night ( because of the risk there is for poisoning ) , on the day outside. Behind the house our German volunteers built extra dog-houses with space around it for the bigger dogs.

Wounded and sick dogs get medical treatment and if we have some extra money we steralise a dog or a cat, which is a big expense for us, but so nescesarry !!

Of course we also try to find a good "home" for them by hanging up posters in the area. If we find a good place for a dog we control it later to see if the dog is not on a chain and if it has enough food and water. In case this would not be alright we take the dog back.

What we need

Unfortunately we don't have enough money to do more sterilisations, buy all the needed medicines and to take more animals, make more places for sick, weak, pregnant dogs and young puppies.

We need medicines for Leishmania, an illness you see many times here.

To be clear : We would like to make our animal shelter able to save more dogs and cats, because it's very painfull to refuse an animal in distress, becuase we don't have the space or the money.

How you can support us

For the one who is also willing to support these innocent animals, we have a bank-account in Holland.

The number is : IBAN: BE76 9731 1080 9295  ( BIC: ARSPBE22 )

on the name of : Caroline Bossier

Please mention : gift for Melios Greece.


For contact or more information : melios.aps@gmail.com

Extra information

In Greece many people are not used to be close to their animal, because of this we would like to invite schoolchildren, to learn them how beautiful the band can be between human and animals.