[Translate to Deutsch:] Construction and relocation of terrain

[Translate to Deutsch:] May 2012

Dear friends and sponsors of Melios

We are very happy to show you that we - with thanks to your support and a unique contribution of 2000,00 euro's from WWAR ( World Wide Animal Rescue ) - could let have build some dog-residences on the terrain we got from the municipality of Gythio.

You saved our animals from a frightening life on our last location, where we had to lock them inside too much, because of the fear for poisonings.
Now they can live much more free outside and in nature, the way they deserve to live  !

We hope with this to leave the hard times of sadness and fear for poisonings behind us and can not express in words how much this means for our animals and us  ......

We could never have done this all on the new terrain without the financial support of you and WWAR and want to thank so you very much for this !

BUT ..... we realy had to spend all the money we got and we still have to build a place for our cats, so we hope you will go on supporting us !
Beside this we have our daily costs for food and care and we would like to steralise more animals, this is such a necessity in this country !!!
So ........ PLEASE DON'T FORGET US !!!

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With many friendly regards

Melios Animal Protection Society

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