The story of Benji

BENJI was found in a very bad condition on the beach of Mavrovouni, he had almost no hair and wounded, infected ears and big problems with his eyes.
After an immediately visit to the vet he arrived like this at Melios.
Oh, poor boy.., we are going to help you!
Beside medicines he gets treatment with special balsam oil.
and a warm place to sleep, with company!
Eventhough his eyes will not get totaly well, he gets already better in a few weeks and enjoys to be outside with Naya.
Thank you!

The story of Angelos

People who follow us will remember our poor Angelos who had an iron wire in and around his body that had to be taken out ... Dr. Ioannis Koumarelas - a vet who has a clinic in Tripolis - saw his pictures on our Facebook page and he decided he wanted to help this dog, by closing the big wound, to make him recover more easily and he contacted us.
Vet Dimitris and Litsa put Angelos on the table.
Angelos seems not to be afraid.
Here Angelos is "sleeping" already.
The operation can start soon.
First time i (Els) dare to look how Marinis carefully makes the stitches.
It's done .... Ioannis tells us some more about the operation.
and here is SPIKI !! He comes every day with Ioannis to the clinic for HIS work : to be the receptionist ! He welcomes in his own friendly way every dog that enters the clinic !
Here Angelos is waking up in the arms of Litsa.
We thank these gentlemen so much for their kindness and help for Angelos !! It's fantastic !


Terrible wounded dog rescued

Last saturday evening we got a phonecall from somebody who found this dog terrible wounded and alone wandering on the street.
Of course we brought her immediately to Melios, where we took care of her leg and her condition and called the vet, where we could come yesterday.
A complicated operation was needed directly, the bone and the remainings of the leg had to be amputated untill deep in the shoulder, which was - as we already thought - terrible infected.

Vet Mr. Legos in Sparti decided to help us , because he saw how urgent the situation was and did the operation immediately.
He agreed that we pay him whenever we ( hope ) to have the money, which is extremely kind of him in these times of crisis in Greece.
He was touched by the affection of the dog to him and us ......  so sweet, while she must have suffered so  terrible .....

We don't know what happened to her, maybe a car accident or a fox trap.

We called her Bowie, because she has - just like the famous David - one brown and one blue eye.
She is treated well now in the house of Litsa ( from Melios ) and - given the circumstances - she is quite well now.
We have good hope that she will recover and want nothing more than to give her a painless future, with all the love she deserves and who knows .... maybe someone wants to adopt her.

It's an unbelievable special, brave and sweet dog and she touched us deeply in our hearts .....


Construction and relocation of terrain

Dear friends and sponsors of Melios

We are very happy to show you that we - with thanks to your support and a unique contribution of 2000,00 euro's from WWAR ( World Wide Animal Rescue ) - could let have build some dog-residences on the terrain we got from the municipality of Gythio.

Please click here to read more!


Introduction video added

As you probably noticed on our "Home" page, we've added an introduction video. To view more video's, please visit the "Media" page.


28 dogs poisoned

Unfortunately we have very bad news about our animal shelter Melios.

Somebody with a sick mind came two times to Milos this week and poisoned 28 of our sweet dogs, it was shocking, hard and so painful to see all these dogs we know so well laying there dead ....

We - the Milos team - are very, very sad and upset about it all.

You can read more at the Parea Sti Mani website.